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What are the advantages of rotational molding?

source:Foshan Rotomolding|Rotational Molding Processing|Rotational Molding-Shunde Zhongze Mould date:2020-10-21 14:09

What are the advantages of rotational molding?

When the cost also becomes one of the factors to be considered, the rotational molding process has more market advantages than other types of processes. Compared with blow molding process and injection molding process, rotational molding process can easily produce parts of different sizes within the effective cost range. Its mold is also much cheaper because it has no internal core to complete. In addition, in the absence of an internal core, only minor changes can be made to another model.

Because each part in the manufacturing process is ultimately formed under high temperature and rotary process, which is different from those formed under high pressure, rotary molding mold does not need special processing like injection molding process to withstand high pressure test.

As for the production cost of conversion products, there has also been a decrease, because more raw materials are usually required to convert light-weight plastics into heavy ones. For rotational molding process, the development trend of high yield in the future is to save the cost of single original mold.

Design advantages

Compared with other mold processes, rotational molding provides more design space for rotational molding. Under the correct design concept, several parts can be combined into a complete rotational molding die, which greatly reduces the assembly cost.

Rotational molding process

The rotational molding process also includes a series of inherent design thinking patterns, such as how to adjust the sidewall thickness and how to strengthen the external setting. If it is necessary to add some auxiliary design, the link of strengthening rib line can also be added in the design.

Rotational molding technology has injected designers' endless imagination into the products. Designers can choose the best materials in the manufacturing process, including various materials approved by the food and drug administration. Additives added in the manufacturing process can effectively resist the external objective factors such as climate invasion and electrostatic interference. In the design process, one of the highlights is the perfect surface design of the insert, thread, handle and inversion device. Designers can also design multi wall molds, which can be hollow inside or filled with foam.

The characteristics of rotational molding process mainly include:

1. Low cost of rotational molding mold -- for the same size products, the cost of rotational molding mold is about 1 / 3-1 / 4 of that of blow molding and injection mold, which is suitable for the molding of large plastic products.

2. The edge strength of rotational molding products is good, and the thickness of product edge can be more than 5mm, which can completely solve the problem of thin edge of hollow products;

3. Rotational molding can accommodate various inserts;

4. The shape of rotational molded products may be very complex, and the thickness may be more than 5 mm or more.

5. Rotational molding can produce fully enclosed products;

6. Rotational molding products can be filled with foamed materials to achieve thermal insulation;

7. The wall thickness of rotary molded products can be adjusted freely (more than 2mm), without adjusting the mold.

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