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Basic program of mechanical polishing for rotational molding die

source:Foshan Rotomolding|Rotational Molding Processing|Rotational Molding-Shunde Zhongze Mould date:2020-10-21 14:06

In order to obtain high-quality polishing effect, it is important to have high-quality polishing tools and accessories such as oilstone, sandpaper and diamond grinding paste. The choice of polishing program depends on the surface condition after the pre-processing, such as machining, EDM, grinding and so on. The general process of mechanical polishing is as follows:

The results show that: (1) the rough polishing surface of rotational plastic mould can be polished by rotary surface polishing machine or ultrasonic grinding machine with rotation speed of 35 000-40 000 rpm. The common method is to use the wheel with diameter Φ 3mm 、 WA # 400to remove the white spark layer. Then, the stone is ground by hand, and the strip-shaped stone is added with kerosene as lubricant or coolant. The general usage order is#180 ~ #240 ~ #320 ~ #400 ~ #600 ~ #800 ~ #1000 . In order to save time, many rotational mold manufacturers choose to start from #400.

(2) sandpaper and kerosene are mainly used for semi precision polishing. The number of sandpaper is: #400 ~ #600 ~ #800 ~ #1000 ~ #1200 ~ #1500 . In fact, the #1500 sandpaper is only suitable for hardening die steel (above 52hrc), but not for pre hardened steel, because it may cause surface burn of pre hardened steel parts.

(3) the diamond grinding paste is mainly used in the fine polishing of rotational molding mold. If the polishing cloth wheel is mixed with diamond grinding powder or grinding paste, the usual grinding sequence is9 μ m ( #1800 ) ~ 6 μ m ( #3000 ) ~3 μ m ( #8000 ). 9 μ m diamond grinding paste and polishing cloth wheel can be used to remove the hair like grinding marks left by #1200 and #1500sandpaper. Then, it was polished with adhesive felt and diamond grinding paste in the order of 1 μ m ( #14000 ) ~ 1/2 μ m ( #60000 ) ~1/4 μ m ( #100000 ).