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China's rotational molding industry is in continuous development

source:Foshan Rotomolding|Rotational Molding Processing|Rotational Molding-Shunde Zhongze Mould date:2020-10-21 14:01

China's rotational molding industry is in continuous development, but there are still problems. Due to the continuous popularization of plastic storage tanks, the existing problems in the plastic storage tank rotational molding industry should be put forward emphatically, and then the future development trend of the rotational molding industry should be clarified according to the relevant problems. Now we will make a detailed explanation on the specific problems and development direction. Rolling mold manufacturer

What is rotational molding?

Rotational molding is also known as rotational molding, rotational molding, rotational molding, etc. There are many processing methods of plastics. In addition to the common injection molding, blow molding, extrusion molding and other processes, rotational molding (rotational molding) is also an important processing method for plastic products or steel plastic composite products. Especially in the hollow molding, rotational molding has more prominent advantages.

1. Problems existing in domestic rotational plastic storage tank industry

(1) There are few equipment, small production scale and low intensive degree of upstream and downstream products in rotational molding enterprises.

(2) Lack of R & D ability, lack of their own core technology, including process technology, equipment and mold manufacturing technology, engineering design ability and product application development technology.

(3) The category is not fine enough, the added value is low, and the market competitiveness is poor.

(4) Lack of reliable and high-quality domestic raw materials, most of them still rely on imports.

The rotational molding process is that the plastic raw materials are added into the mold in the form of powder, and then the mold is continuously rotated (three-dimensional motion) and heated. At this time, the plastic raw materials in the mold are gradually and evenly melted and coated on the whole surface of the mold cavity under the action of gravity and heat energy, and then the plastic products or steel plastic composite products after cooling are the rolling plastic products.

2. Development trend and direction of rotational molding mold in domestic plastic tank industry

(1) The scale of rotational molding enterprises is expanding.

(2) Through the adjustment of the product structure of the rotational molding products, the varieties of the rotational molding products are increasing day by day, and the technical content of the rotational molding products is constantly providing high quality and high added value.

(3) Increase the research on related process, equipment and mold, and form its own core technology.

(4) We should strengthen the development of special rotational molding materials in China and establish a research and Development Center for raw materials, so as to completely change the current situation that plastic raw materials mainly rely on imports.

At present, the development of rotational molding industry in foreign countries is very fast, but due to various factors in China, the development speed of rotational molding industry is lower than that of other plastic processing industries. Recently, with the increasing understanding of the advantages of rotational molding, the development of rotational molding industry in China is accelerating.