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Discussion on the growth speed of rotational molding mold manufacturers faster than peers

source:Foshan Rotomolding|Rotational Molding Processing|Rotational Molding-Shunde Zhongze Mould date:2020-10-21 13:55

Economist Peter Mooney pointed out at the Topcon 2014 rotational molding industry conference that the growth rate of rotational molding mold manufacturers is faster than that of other mold manufacturers making structural plastic parts. The conference was sponsored by the society of plastic engineers.

Other processing methods for structural plastic components include industrial blow molding, thick plate thermoforming and pipe / profile extrusion. It took a long time for the market demand of structural parts to recover from the great depression, but since 2009, it has maintained a growth rate of 7%, which is almost the same as that of rotational molding dies.

"Rotational molds are growing as demand for durable and industrial products improves." Mooney said. Mooney runs a plastics customer research service company in North Carolina, USA.

Industrial blow molds were hit hard during the great depression, and part of their business was replaced by rotational molds. "So if you're a roto mold manufacturer and compete with blow molding mold makers in the hollow parts business, you have a big advantage," Mooney said

Mooney points out that most of the rotational molding factories are small and family based, so they can find new markets more quickly. "When you really do your best in a recession, as a small company, you can be more flexible and you can make changes." He said.

The rotational molding industry has become diversified, no longer limited to the gas tank, toys and other original leading market. According to Mooney, its market has been broken down into: agricultural / industrial gas tanks (25%), containers (15%), entertainment / sporting goods (12%), agricultural equipment (10%), toys (6.5%), material handling products (6%), lawn / garden equipment (5%), seafood (5%) and other fields (15.5%).