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Zhongze Mould

Guangdong Shunde Zhongze Mould Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company that designs and manufactures rotomolding processing and rotomolding molds. Foshan Rotomolding Mold Company has more than 20 precision CNC and various mold auxiliary equipment. The whole team of Guangdong Rotomolding Mold has transformed from the injection mold industry to the rotomolding mold industry for more than 8 years. In addition, the ingenious structure and high standards of the injection mold are integrated into the rotomolding mold. After years of technological precipitation and innovation, the manufacturing standards belonging to Zhongze have been formulated. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer-centered, quality as the foundation, and integrity as the original responsibility". With its product quality and high-quality service, it is trusted by large customers and won high praise in the industry.